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Published: 22nd June 2011
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People are now making real money in the virtual online place Second Life. Some choose to call it an online game while others see it as a social meeting place. As a Resident you can take part in the Second Life’s economy in areas such as trading in virtual property and make some good money while at it. The currency used here is the Linden dollar and after making so many Lindens you may want to trade them for actual cash or alternatively put in some more i.e. buy Lindens to help you trade some more in this virtual world. Linden Lab, the proprietors of the Second World application, came up with the LindeX platform to help facilitate this currency exchange.

A typical scenario where one needs to buy Lindens is when he/she signs into Second World as a basic user. In doing this you start up with no Lindens in your account - unlike when you are a Premium member and your account is credited with a thousand Linden dollars and a monthly stipend of three hundred dollars. For better management of the Linden dollar and actual money exchange, Linden Labs works together with online third-party currency exchange platforms. Truth is many people prefer to trade using such third-parties thanks to the benefits and conveniences they offer.

Third-party Linden currency exchange enables one sell or purchase Lindens at the best exchange rates. The platform lets you in on the best and most favorable Linden dollar rates from the numerous ones made available. Remember that other Residents are also trading and from these developments a demand and supply scenario is generated and here the platform provides the best available rates. The third-party can also offer expedited exchange based on a fixed rate thus helping the Resident to get back to trading and enjoying the game much faster. The platforms also enable people to buy Lindens in their own language and even currency, therefore saving any cost and inconveniences that may accrue by virtue of our different nationalities. These third-parties also support other online payment methods other than PayPal and major US credit cards.

To ensure that Residents are protected from any possible fraudulent Linden dollar dealings, Linden Labs have in place the Exchange Risk API application. Any person or firm seeking to be a Linden reseller must operate on this platform. Linden Labs, on the Residents’ behalf, tries as much as possible to ensure that only high quality resellers are listed as Linden currency exchangers. It thus should not be difficult to buy Lindens regardless of the region of the world you are in. With such platforms in place you can now concentrate on making a fortune out of the Second Life experience.

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